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A pneumatic pinch valve is a 2/2-way valve designed to shut-off or control the flow of corrosive, abrasive, or granular media. The actuation of these air operated pinch valves, the pinching action, is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed on the sleeve. Modulating the air pressure within the annular space between the body and the sleeve can open, throttle, or close the valve. The valve body acts as a built-in actuator, eliminating costly pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. In the open position, the valve has no restrictions and allows a wide range of media to pass through the bore. The flexible internal rubber sleeve in the valve keeps the media isolated preventing the risk of contamination. 


The air operated pinch valve VF series offers a unique, cost-effective solution to flow control problems. It is ideal valves for shut off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders, or granular substances, these valves are used in remote locations or harsh environments since there are no external links, levers, pistons, or rotating parts to cause downtime.


The pneumatic pinch valve VF series is available in the nominal diameters of DN40 to DN300. They are designed with a flange connection complying with DIN EN 1092 (PN10/16) as standard. On request, the air operated pinch valves of the VF series can be made with a flange connection complying with ANSI B 16.5- 150lbs if required. Pneumatic pinch valves VF series are ideally suited for use with slurries and granular products like sand, cement, gravel, textile fiber, carbon, powder, pellets, chipping, glass fragments, etc. These valves are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use, making them desirable in a wide range of industrial applications.

Food grade stainless steel materials with wear-resistant hose cover.
Product highlights for Air Operated Pinch Valve VF Series
Independent R & D
 Complete in specifications
 Durable
 Two-year warranty


Working Condition of Pneumatic Pinch Valve Video

VF Air Operated Pinch Valve Products

Air Operated Pinch Valve VF Series Configuration

Ⅰ Body Materials

The body of the VF series air operated pinch valves consists of powder-coated, cast aluminum.

Ⅱ Valve Configuration

Available in the nominal diameters of DN40 to DN250.

Designed with a flange connection complying with DIN EN 1092 (PN10/16) as standard or on request, be made with a flange connection complying with ANSI B 16.5- 150lbs.

Ⅲ Flange Material Configuration

A powder-coated aluminum flange.

An aluminum flange with steel bushing that comes into contact with the product, powder-coated for more abrasive applications.

An aluminum flange with stainless steel bushing that comes into contact with the product, used for foodstuff applications or very aggressive media.

An aluminum flange with flanged sleeve,  for extremely abrasive or corrosive products/applications.

The flanged sleeve covers the entire part of the flange that comes into contact with the product. This means that only an elastomer is placed in the product flow.

An aluminum flange with the flanged sleeve to prevent flange wear from abrasive media.

● An aluminum flange with internal thread.

Ⅳ Sleeve Materials

A selection of 12 different elastomer grades for the sleeve (NR, food quality rubber, high-temperature rubber, CR, EPDM, EPDM food quality, FPM, silicone, NBR, NBR food quality, IIR, and CSM) ensures that the VF series pneumatic pinch valves have a very wide and practically unrestricted field of application.


How Pneumatic Pinch Valve VF Series Work

The pneumatic pinch valve VF series works by the controlling medium of air pressure or water being used between the Pinch Valve body and the sleeve to give 100% closure (even against the larger abrasive particles) of the pinch valve. Air operated pinch valve consists of three major components: a housing, an internal rubber sleeve, and end connections. The rubber sleeve is fitted into the housing from inlet to outlet and is the only component that comes in contact with the media, which allowing the media to be isolated, with no contamination, and no damage to any other components. The rubber sleeve inside the body of the valve is the part that closes it. 


When in the open position, the pinch valve has a full and true bore. The fully opened valve provides free flow passage to the media preventing the valve from clogging or blockage. To close the valve, air pressure is supplied into an air nipple on the outer body, which then travels through into the internal part of the valve, pushing down onto the rubber sleeve which fully collapses and closes tightly. When the external air pressure is no longer applied to the rubber sleeve, the elastic rebounding property of it along with the force of the flowing media fully opens the valve. 


Main Features of Air Operated Pinch Valve VF Series

● Small, compact design

● Lightning-fast response times (opening/closing)

● Can handle whole blood and particulate matter

● Wide variety of easily replaceable tubing sizes and materials available

● Optimum sealing for solids

● Easy hose/sleeve replacement

● Long performance and reliability

● Aluminum pinch head is standard, stainless steel is optional

Wear-Resistant Natural

sleeves for air pinch valve

good resilience
long service life

Pinch Valve Body

Stainless steel corrosion-Resistant food-grade
High hardness
Beautiful appearance
Proper structure
Low gas consumption

VF Series Air Operated Pinch Valve Application

As China famous pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers, we supply air operated pinch valve VF series to the wine, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, mining & pneumatic bulk tanker industries. Available in aluminum, stainless steel, and POM materials, we offer a complete range of pneumatic pinch valves suitable for a range of applications:


● Acids: hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, etc.

● Alkalis: sodium hydroxide, ammonia, potassium, phosphates, sodium bicarbonate, etc.

● Viscous or abrasive liquids: seawater, wastewater, lime wash, paper pulp, paint, sludge, soot, clay slip, etc.

● Edible liquids: beer, wine, cocoa butter, edible oils, beet juice, milk, sugar, syrups, etc.

● Powdered products: cement, flour, sand, talc.

● Other fluids: reagents for water treatment, organic solvents, fertilizers, etc.

Air Operated Pinch Valve VF Series

Technical Specifications

Advantages of Woke Pinch Valve 
Woke pinch valve has smooth media and minimal frictional resistance. Without any leakage nor blockage
it is highlighted in its long service life, easy maintenance, and favorable price.
   Working Pressure
Maximum 5 bar (medium pressure)
Control Pressure
The effective working pressure is approximately +2.5-4.0 bar (closure pressure). If the control or closing pressure is too high, service life of the sleeve may be shortened. The pressure must be no more than 2.5-4.0 bar of the working pressure.
Differential Pressure
The control pressure is not greater than the maximum operating pressure of 2.5-4.0 bar; depending on the rated size and sleeve material.
Control Medium 
Compressed air, neutral gas, water (oil, please consult us before use)
Temperature Range
Each sleeve material has its own specific temperature range, allowing an ambient temperature of -20°C to +80°C.
Mounting Position
It can be mounted in any position, and it is suggested the bulk goods be installed vertically. If installed horizontally, the control connection shall be installed upward.
Woke pinch valves are pressure control valves. If there is no pressure, they are normally open. If there is pressure, the valves will be closed.
Closing Features
Woke pinch valve is suitable for medium like sealing gas, liquid, solid and powder. A highly elastic sleeve can enclose any solid and does not guarantee tightness if the fluid consists primarily of particles.
Technical Parameters And Dimensions
Independent research and development · Durable
Independent research and development · Durable
Independent research and development · Durable
 Be sure to turn off the gas supply and disconnect the control gas before replacing the inner bushing, cleaning the pinch valve or performing any other operations.
 Be sure to keep the body, tools or other objects from the pinch valve when it is running.
Do not touch the pinch valve when the medium is transported at a high temperature. (There is a danger of causing burns)
 The pinch valve can only be disassembled when the device has been shut down and is in a no-pressure state.
 In order to prevent the maximum allowable working pressure/control pressure overload of the pinch valve, the equipment must be equipped with a pressure limiter and a safety valve.
 Unstable gas" can not be used as working medium.
 Please note that there is a possibility of static electricity (explosion hazard) depending on the application medium or the environment in which the pinch valve is applied.
 When selecting the pinch valve material, you need to consider not only the service life of the valve itself but also the driving components (such as gas circuit control, solenoid valve, etc.), because once the inner bushing is damaged, the medium may enter the control circuit.


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