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Working Principle of Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Working Principle of Pneumatic Pinch Valve

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When the control gas is not input in the pneumatic pinch valve, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body is in communication with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is in an outward tension state under fluid pressure. Since there are reinforced plies arranged at a certain angle in the sleeve, the axial and radial pressures of the sleeve are balanced with each other, so the length and diameter of the sleeve will not change due to fluid pressure. When the control gas enters the cavity between the pipe sleeve and the valve body, the pipe sleeve is deformed and blocked under the pressure of the control gas.

air operated pinch valve

The shells of the air operated pinch valves are flat and oval, and the compressed air consumption is low during operation. This not only means that energy can be saved but also ensures the predetermined lip bending direction of the pneumatic pinch valve. The predetermined lip-shaped bending direction can ensure 100% shut-off of the medium flow, and even larger solid particles can be covered by the inner liner and completely shut off.

When compressed air (with a pressure difference of 2 bar) enters the valve body of the air operated pinch valve, the specially-made inner bushing with high resilience is compressed to produce a lip-shaped closure, which ensures that the medium flow is reliably shut off at the same time. The service life of the inner bushing is extremely increased. The working pressure varies according to the nominal diameter, and the range is 2-6 bar. When the compressed air is interrupted, the special inner liner expands rapidly under the dual action of its own resilience and medium pressure, and the valve opens completely.

It can be seen from the working principle of the pneumatic pinch valve that the internal medium flow of the pinch valve is smooth, the friction resistance is very small, 100% leak-free, no blockage, and its own lightweight. It is especially suitable for shut-off, adjustment, quantitative wear and tear, corrosive and fibrous media, such as particles, powdered materials, pellets, dust, and solid-containing liquids.


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