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  • 09-28
    What is Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve

    Sleeves for air pinch valve/Spool hose / rubber sleeve / bushing pinch valve inner liner is also called inner liner or hose, valve core, etc., which is the core of the pinch valve. The rubber sleeve produced by our company has engineering double-layer separated mesh fabric ribs. The design process i Read More »

  • 09-22
    Features and Advantages of Pneumatic Pinch Valves

    Air operated pinch valves offer a cost-effective solution to flow control problems. The actuation of the valve is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed directly on the elastomer sleeve. A flattened and elliptical casing design of all flanged types ensures minimum compressed air consumptio Read More »

  • 01-15
    Who is Ningbo JiaNai Pinch Valve Co Ltd.

    Ningbo  JiaNai Pinch Valve Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic pinch valve. Read More »


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