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An Air Operated Pinch Valve is made up of only 3 parts: The body, end connections, and rubber sleeve. The pinch valve sleeves (also known as a rubber membrane, bladder, hose, tube, diaphragm, collar, etc),  are truly the "heart" of the pinch valve and the most crucial part of the Pinch Valve.

Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve provides corrosion and abrasion resistance and pressure containment. They are manufactured in various forms and according to the pneumatic pinch valve's design or construction type. Moreover, pinch valve sleeves are available in a wide range of different rubber materials.

The most important part of  Air Operated Pinch Valve is its elastomer sleeve. The better the quality of pinch valve replacement sleeves, the longer the service times of the pneumatic pinch valve. If the pinch valve sleeves are in service for a long time, this helps to maintain extremely low maintenance costs for every system. A simple change of the pinch valve sleeves can be carried out by the customer on-site with the aid of the detailed maintenance/repair instructions and videos, which is crucial to keeping very short production downtimes.

 As a professional pinch valve sleeves supplier, JiaNai is backed by unmatched elastomer technology, knowledge, and manufacturing expertise. Our pinch valve replacement sleeves are superior in design, construction, durability, and performance. 

JiaNai sleeves for air pinch valve are designed specifically for low maintenance and are able to outlast conventional metal valves because of their superior elastomer technology. Our Pinch Valve Sleeves are constructed much like a heavy-duty truck tire, with bias-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber providing the structural support. The pinch valve replacement sleeves are the only wetted part of the valve, eliminating the need for valve bodies made of expensive metal alloys because they are the only replacement part needed in pinch valves. There are never any seats, packing, seals or bellows to replace. 

Product Highlights for Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve

White with black and black rubber series


White rubber series


sleeves for air pinch valve

    All the inner bushings are designed according to the import standards, and are made of full-size elastomer, standard wear-resistant natural rubber and food grade rubber with the temperature range of -10 °C. ~+80°C.
With the engineering double-layer split mesh reinforcement design process, the resilience of the inner bushing has been increased and the service life of the product can be extended to more than 300,000 times, among which the service life of DN10-25, DN40-60 and DN80-200 has reached more than 2 million times, 700,000 times and 300,000 times respectively. 

Pinch Valve Sleeves Materials

● Neoprene 
Resistant to dilute solvents, oils, acids, lubricants, various hydrocarbons, and mild chemicals. Applications such as animal oils, natural gas, printing ink, and soaps.
● Natural Rubber, Food Grade
Suitable for many weak chemicals, potable water, wine, and alcohol.
● Natural Rubber
Excellent abrasive resistance with a high degree of flexibility and durability. Ideal for foundry sand, silica sand, metals, wastewater, mineral slurries, cement, concrete, granules, and plastics.
Great for higher temperature applications such as hot water, steam, foods and CIP applications where elevated temperatures are used. Also excellent for dilute acids and alkalis.
● Viton
Resistant to solvents, oils, petrochemicals, aromatic hydrocarbons. Applications range from battery acid to buttermilk.
● Silicon
Highest temperature material mainly used to exhaust very hot steam or sulfuric acid.
● Nitrile
Best suited for products with oil or fat content. Examples of sewage with trace oils, milk, butter, chocolate, fish, vegetable oils, olive oil, mineral oils, processed beef meal, etc.
● Hypalon
Similar to Nitrile and EPDM applications. Applications such as chloride, peroxide, and acids.
● Butyle
Various chemical applications such as alcohol, amino acids, barium, ammonium, and acetic acids.

Advantages of Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve

● High abrasion resistance 
● Best rebound resilience
● Best tear strength
● Longest lifetime
● Low maintenance costs
● Good cold-resistant 
Due to the fluid flow in the elastic rubber hose, which excludes the frost crack caused by the fluid crystallization shell, etc.

Technical Parameters And Dimensions

Independent research and development · Durable


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