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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Air Drum Valve
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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Air Drum Valve

Jia Nai VF pneumatic pinch valve has a simple structure and is an extremely economical and ideal shut-off valve solution. Because no additional transmission device is needed to operate the pneumatic pinch valve, only a two-position three-way solenoid valve or pilot valve can be used to control the pneumatic pinch valve.

Product Description

In the traditional industry and food industry, some abrasive solid or liquid products containing particles, powders, fibers, and slurry are often transported through pipelines, so the aluminum alloy pneumatic air drum valve is the best choice.

The air-operated pinch valve and flexible tube valve are valves developed by Jia Nai with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a good substitute for traditional ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, and other valves. The average service life of the pneumatic airbag valve clean water test is 400,000 times.

working principle: 

When the control medium is not input, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body is in communication with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is in an outward tension state under fluid pressure. Because there are reinforced plies arranged at a certain angle in the sleeve, the axial and radial pressure of the sleeve are balanced with each other, so the length and diameter of the sleeve will not change due to fluid pressure. When the control medium enters the cavity between the pipe sleeve and the valve body, the pipe sleeve is deformed and blocked under the pressure of the medium.

The application range of aluminum alloy pneumatic air drum valve:

● Mining industry: wet-type iron remover, ceramic filter, MGM tubular membrane filter, Gore membrane filter, mine tailings slurry pipeline, mining unit slurry pipeline;

● Construction machinery industry: automatic weighing device and dosing system of compounding system;

● Metallurgical industry: automatic slag adding system for steelmaking;

● Pharmaceutical industry: plastic bottle large infusion continuous transport machine;

● Sewage treatment industry: sludge transportation pipeline.



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