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6 Tips You Must Know about Air Operated Pinch Valve
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6 Tips You Must Know about Air Operated Pinch Valve

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The internal flow of the air operated pinch valve is smooth; the frictional resistance is very small, and there is no leakage or blockage. Solid-liquid etc. Air operated pinch valve has flexible elastic rubber tube, suitable for paper pulp, coating and waste paper recycling production lines in paper mills; air operated pinch valvehas high wear resistance and self-cleaning, suitable for lime and coal in power plants powder processing; excellent abrasion resistance of pneumatic pinch valve is the best choice for centrifuge control and lime feeding system in mining plants.

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Pneumatic principle

Pneumatic is to use compressed air as the power source and use the air pressure generated by the impact or rotation to drive the machine to complete the telescoping or rotating action. Because it uses the compressive characteristics of air, the air is compressed and stored, and the air has an elastic force like a spring, and then uses a control element to control its direction to drive the rotation and expansion of the actuator. No matter how much air is drawn from the atmosphere, it will be discharged into the atmosphere. It will not produce any chemical reaction, nor produce any components that pollute the air. In addition, the viscosity of the gas is smaller than that of the liquid, so the flow speed is fast and it is also environmentally friendly.

Features of pneumatic technology

1. The pneumatic device has a simple structure, lightweight and simple installation and maintenance. The pressure level is low, and it is safer to use than the hydraulic system.

2. The working medium is inexhaustible air, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust gas treatment is simple and does not pollute the environment.

3. The adjustment of output force and working speed is very easy. The operating speed of the cylinder is generally 50 ~ 500mm / s.

4.  The service life is greatly affected by the cleanliness of the gas source and the frequency of use.

5. Utilizing the compressibility of air, it can store energy and realize centralized air supply. It can release energy for a short time to obtain a high-speed response in intermittent motion. It can achieve buffering and has strong adaptability to shock load and overload. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can be self-protected.

6. pneumatic technology is a full pneumatic control with fire, explosion, moisture-proof capabilities. Compared with the hydraulic method, the pneumatic method can be used at high temperatures (usually within 160°C).

Air operated pinch valve work principles

When the control gas does not input into the pneumatic pinch valve, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body communicates with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is in an outwardly tensioned state by the fluid pressure. Because there are reinforced plies arranged at a certain angle in the sleeve, the axial and radial pressures of the sleeve are balanced with each other, so the length and diameter of the sleeve will not change due to the fluid pressure. When the control gas enters the cavity between the sleeve and the valve body, the sleeve is deformed and intercepted under the control gas pressure.

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When compressed air (pressure difference is 2 bar) enters the valve body of the pneumatic pinch valve, the specially-made inner liner with high resilience is compressed to produce a lip-type closure. This extremely increases the service life of the inner sleeve. In this case, the pneumatic pinch valve is closed, so that the medium flow can be shut down 100%. Its working pressure varies depending on the nominal diameter and ranges from 2-6 bar. When the compressed air is interrupted, the specially-made inner liner expands rapidly under the dual effects of its own rebound force and medium pressure, and then the valve is fully opened.

The housings of the pinch valves are flat and oval, and the compressed air consumption is low during operation. This not only means energy savings but also ensures the predetermined lip bending direction of the pneumatic pinch valve. The predetermined lip bending direction can ensure that the medium flow is shut off 100%, and even the larger solid particles can be covered by the inner liner and completely shut off. JiaNai Pinch Valve Co., Ltd is a professional air operated pinch valve manufacturer, which is equipped with advanced imported equipment.


Features of air operated pinch valve

1. Product flows naturally with low resistance

The pipe and valve have the same diameter, the structure is novel and simple. And the inner diameter of the rubber sleeve is the same as the pipe, and the local resistance is small. Therefore, the frictional resistance of the air operated pinch valve is extremely small, which will not affect the flow of medium in the pipeline, and it will not cause a blockage. In the nominal diameter range of various air operated pinch valves, the pipeline medium can be almost unobstructed.

2. Good tightness and 100% leak-free

Air operated pinch valve series products have no sealing points, the control medium space is completely isolated from the valve channel, and no internal or external leakage will occur. The flat oval housing design ensures that the sleeve of the air operated pinch valve has a specified lip-folding pattern. This special lip-folding method ensures complete sealing of the product flow. Relying on the deformation of the rubber sleeve to achieve opening and closing, even if the fluid contains solid particles or fiber impurities will not block the closure. All things can be completely and quickly wrapped and closed, so the fluid tightly sealed.

3. Wide range of application

Air operated pinch valves are the ideal solution for isolating and regulating abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products. It has a simple structure and a wide range of applications. The air operated pinch valve can be used in the pharmaceutical, food industry, chemical industry, pneumatic conveying system, pigment, and particulate matter processing, ceramics, and glass industry, plastic industry, suction device, batching system, filling and weighing device, exhaust and ventilation system, etc. And it especially suitable for occasions with explosion-proof requirements.

4. Long service life

The unique rubber sleeve with a reinforced cord can withstand high-frequency opening and closing operations. The air operated pinch valves are resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals, and have a long service life.

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5. Simple installation and easy operation

The valve installation is non-directional, and the installation is easy. There is no need to clean the pipeline. Once the rubber sleeve is damaged, replacement is quick and easy. A air operated pinch valve can realize local or remote automatic operation control as required.

Application Industry

Air operated pinch valves are suitable for a variety of pneumatic conveying systems, and their application areas include cement silos, pigment and particle processing, ceramics, glass and plastics industries, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and winemaking. In addition, air operated pinch valves are also widely used in batching and weighing systems, powder coating systems, vacuum toilet systems, vacuum delivery systems, suction, and compressed air control systems. In addition, a large number of air operated pinch valves are also used on ceramic filters.

A air operated pinch valve is used in Metallurgical, chemical, cement, ceramics, glass, plastic, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, brewing and other industries, transporting fluids containing fiber, petroleum, pulp, cement, powder, slurry, sewage sludge, and other fluids Mixed solids. All materials can be completely cut off.

Note for air operated pinch valve

1. Impurities and moisture in compressed air in the air operated pinch valve affect the service life of the rubber sleeve. A filter should be installed in the gas path to remove impurities and moisture.

2. During the piping, the impurities and chip powder in the pipes and joints need to be fully removed.

3. When repairing and maintaining the rubber sleeve, be sure to close the air supply valve in advance and exhaust the compressed air in the starting circuit before entering the maintenance operation.

4. In order to prevent the rubber sleeve of the pinch valve from freezing, if it is used at low temperatures, a dryer should be used to handle the dry air.

JiaNai Pinch Valve Co., Ltd is a professional air operated pinch valve manufacturer, which is equipped with advanced imported equipment. if you have any need, please contact us.

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