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What is a Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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What is a Pneumatic Pinch Valve

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The pneumatic pinch valve series products have no sealing points and will not leak. They are resistant to particle corrosion and will not be blocked when transporting liquids containing fibers. Its performance is comparable to imported products, and it has the advantages of short supply period, reasonable price and good service.


Working principle of pneumatic pinch valve

When the control medium is not input, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body is in communication with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is in an outward tension state under fluid pressure. Because there are reinforced plies arranged at a certain angle in the sleeve, the axial and radial pressure of the sleeve are balanced with each other, so the length and diameter of the sleeve will not change due to fluid pressure. When the control medium enters the cavity between the pipe sleeve and the valve body, the sleeves for air pinch valve are deformed and blocked under the pressure of the medium.

pneumatic pinch valve

Application industry

Air operated pinch valves are suitable for various pneumatic conveying systems. Its application areas include cement silos, pigment and particle treatment, ceramics, glass and plastic industries, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and wine brewing industry. Pneumatic pinch valve is also widely used in batching systems and weighing systems, powder coating systems, vacuum toilet systems, vacuum conveying systems, suction and compressed air control systems. In addition, it is also used in large quantities on ceramic filters.

In metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, glass, plastics, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, wine and other industries, transport liquids containing fibers, petroleum, mineral pulp, cement, powder, slurry, sewage sludge and other fluids, even in the body mixed solid matter can also be completely cut off.

● Pulp and paper mill

In pulp and paper mills, paper pulp, paint and waste paper recycling production lines have more stringent requirements for valves. The flexible elastic rubber tube of JIANAI air operated pinch valve is particularly ideal for these working conditions.

Swirl discharge, paper recycling, paper pulp, paint, PH increase, lime mud, deinking.

● Power industry

In power plants, the treatment of lime and coal are two very difficult problems. The high abrasion resistance and self-cleaning performance of the main pneumatic pinch valve of JIANAI will not cause problems such as scaling, blockage, or freezing of mud.

Flue gas desulfurization system, coal ash treatment, coal treatment, bottom ash treatment, thickener replacement flow, wet lime scrubber.

● Mining industry

The excellent wear resistance of JIANAI air operated pinch valve is the best choice for mining industry control. The simple, maintenance-free design of JIANAI products can work perfectly even under the harshest working conditions.

Centrifuge control, lime feeding system, coal tailings, bleaching pool, mine cleaning, solid separation.


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