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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Vesicular Valve
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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Vesicular Valve

Pneumatic pinch valves are used to shut off, adjust and quantify solutions for abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous media, such as particles, powdered materials, pelletized materials, dust, and liquids containing solids.

Product Description

The main feature of our company's VF series pneumatic pinch valve is that it does not affect the flow of the medium in the pipeline. In the nominal diameter range of various pinch valves, the pipeline medium can almost be unimpeded. The friction resistance of the VF series aluminum alloy pneumatic vesicular valve is extremely low and will not be blocked. In addition, the VF series air operated pinch valve has the advantages of light and compact structure. Users can install the VF aluminum alloy pneumatic vesicular valve easily and quickly.

The function of pneumatic pinch valve

When compressed air or liquid (with a minimum pressure difference of 2 bar) enters the valve body of the pneumatic pinch valve, the specially made inner sleeve with high resilience is compressed. The structure of the valve body ensures that the lip of the inner liner is freely closed. This ensures the absolutely reliable shut-off of the media flow and also maximizes the service life of the inner bushing. In this case, the aluminum alloy pneumatic vesicular valve is closed, so that the medium flow can be shut off 100%. The maximum working pressure is determined according to the nominal diameter and the range is 2-6 bar. When the compressed air or liquid is interrupted, the special inner liner will fully open the valve due to the action of the resilience or restoring force and the action of the medium pressure.


Advantages of air operated pinch valves

The most important advantages of aluminum alloy pneumatic vesicular valves are the smooth flow of the medium, minimal friction resistance, 100% leak-free, no blockage, and lightweight. The shells of all flanged pinch valves are flat and oval, thus ensuring low compressed air consumption, which not only means energy saving but also ensures the predetermined lip bend of pneumatic pinch valves Fold direction. The predetermined lip-shaped bending direction can not only ensure 100% shut-off of the medium flow but also, even larger solid particles can be covered by the inner liner and completely shut off. The key technology of the pneumatic pinch valve is the rubber inner bushing.

Inner bush of pneumatic pinch valve

The rubber inner bushing produced by our company cooperates with well-known rubber companies in Taiwan. It is designed and produced according to the specifications and dimensions of AKO inner bushing. It has AKO's unique force engineering double-layer partitioned reinforced mesh reinforcement design process. Increase the resilience of the inner liner and prolong the life of the product, with a service life of more than 400,000 times. It is the best substitute for AKO liners in the market, breaking the technology and price monopoly of foreign companies. 

All pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers, distributors, and manufacturers are welcome to order samples, drawings, and consultations.




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