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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve
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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

Aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm valve offers a cost-effective solution to flow control problems. The VF series air operated pinch valve is 2-way normally closed and normally open pressure-operated pinch valves designed for use with high-purity liquids in biotech applications. Hermetic separation of the control mechanism and the fluid within the tubing prevents contamination, assuring the maximum purity of liquids. As one of the famous China pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers, our aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm valve has the best quality.

Product Description

Overview of VF series aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm valves

Nominal diameter: DN40-DN250

Working temperature: -20℃-+150℃

Working pressure: 2-6bar

Sealing grade: ANSI B 16-104, Class

Flange structure: standard aluminum, stainless steel/steel bushing, internal thread, with flange inner bushing

Body material: aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Flange material: aluminum, aluminum + stainless steel/steel bushing, stainless steel, steel

The sealing ring (rubber liner): wear-resistant natural rubber, food industry natural rubber, high temperature resistant natural rubber, nitrile rubber Nitrile, EPDM, fluorine rubber/VITON/FPM, silicone Silicone, neoprene/ Neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber Hypalon/CSM butyl acrylate/Butyl and other materials。 if you have other material requirements, please advise.


The pneumatic diaphragm valve mainly has a smooth passage, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, no pressure loss, no clogging, no leakage, waterproof hammer impact, and has good chemical and physical properties. The inner bushing is easy to replace and the maintenance cost is low.

plastic pneumatic air drum valve

Applicable medium:

Cement, silos, sand, mineral materials, limestone, soil, marl, mortar, slurry, etc.

Maintain the inner bushing

The aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm valve does not require special maintenance work. Only need to replace the wearing parts (such as inner sleeve, flange, sleeve, and sleeve cover). These tasks can be done quickly and easily on the job site. Please refer to our installation instructions for operation and auxiliary tools. When replacing the inner jacket, the equipment must be shut down to determine the flow of the medium in the pipeline. According to user needs, the work of replacing the inner village set can also be implemented in our factory.



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