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What is Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve
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What is Sleeves for Air Pinch Valve

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Sleeves for air pinch valve/Spool hose / rubber sleeve / bushing pinch valve inner liner is also called inner liner or hose, valve core, etc., which is the core of the pinch valve. The rubber sleeve produced by our company has engineering double-layer separated mesh fabric ribs. The design process increases the resilience of the inner bushing and prolongs the life of the product. The service life can reach more than 300,000 times, among which oN10-252 million times, oN40-65 can reach more than 400,000 times, and oN80-200 can reach 100,000 times the above.


Working principle

When the control gas is not input, the cavity in front of the rubber sleeve and the valve body is connected to the atmosphere. The rubber sleeve is in an outward tension state under the dual action of fluid pressure and its own elasticity. When the fluid gas enters between the sleeve and the valve body and when the cavity is between, the sleeves for air pinch valve deforms and intercepts the flow under the controlled gas pressure.


Advantages of our company's sleeves for air pinch valve:

1 . Natural rubber material

2 . The inner layer of the processing technology is made of natural rubber, and the main special outer layer is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant rubber to ensure that the hose points are resistant to wear, corrosion, scale and extrusion. The inner layer is not damaged and corroded by the external environment, extending the service life of the hose.

3. Multi-layer cord fabric reinforcement. The middle frame is reinforced with multi-layer cord fabric, which makes the pressure bearing capacity of the hose stronger.

sleeves for air pinch valve

Applications of sleeves for air pinch valve

Sleeves for air pinch valves are widely used in various fields. There are a variety of sleeve materials available, they can be used for almost all media control. And their main application areas include:

● Gas conveying - for all kinds of bulk cargo

● Food industry - used in chocolate, nuts, paste, etc.

● Plastic industry - granular preparations, powders, etc.

● Chemical industry - paint, fertilizer, etc.

● Environmental engineering - sewage, dust, smoke, etc.

● Sewage treatment - wastewater, lime milk, sludge, etc.

● Instrument structure/measurement system - dyes, pastes, etc.

● Equipment engineering/powder coating plant - powder, varnish, etc.

● Construction/Cement Industry - Cement, sand, azurite, etc.

● Bulk transportation - cement, flour, feed, etc.

● Vacuum feces collection system for train/motor train sewage toilet

● Bulk cargo warehouse overflow safety device, distribution movement

● Mining/quarrying and soil drilling industry, ore, coal, etc.


JiaNai Pinch Valve Co., Ltd is a professional pinch valve manufacturer, which is equipped with advanced pneumatic pinch valves and sleeves for air pinch valve. If you have any need, please contact us.


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