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Features and Advantages of Pneumatic Pinch Valves
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Features and Advantages of Pneumatic Pinch Valves

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Air operated pinch valves offer a cost-effective solution to flow control problems. The actuation of the valve is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed directly on the elastomer sleeve. A flattened and elliptical casing design of all flanged types ensures minimum compressed air consumption. This results in energy savings and ensures a specified, lipped fold pattern to the sleeve of the pneumatic pinch valve

Features of pneumatic pinch valve

Although the pneumatic pinch valve can cut off the medium in the pipeline very effectively, when it is open, it will not cause any obstruction to the medium in the pipeline. 

First of all, the inner wall of the air operated pinch valve is very smooth. When the medium passes through the pinch valve, the friction between the inner wall of the pinch valve and the medium is very small, and the medium passes unimpeded. 

Secondly, when the pneumatic pinch valve is open, its overall structure can be completely integrated with the pipeline system, without changing the inner diameter and structure of the pipeline, and has no effect on the medium transmission in the pipeline. Therefore, nowadays, air operated pinch valves are becoming more and more popular in the market, and their applications are becoming wider and wider, such as the chemical industry, sewage treatment, petroleum industry, power sector, metallurgical industry, and so on.

Advantages of pneumatic pinch valve

1. Convenient control: you can operate according to your own specific requirements, and you can perform automatic control locally or remotely.

2. No leakage point: The valve channel and the control medium space are completely isolated, and there will never be internal and external leakage.

3. Long service life: The air operated pinch valve adopts a high-quality reinforced cord rubber sleeve, which can withstand any high-frequency opening and closing operations, and is also resistant to acids, alkalis and various chemicals, and has a particularly long service life.

4. Simple installation and operation: there is no directionality in the installation of the pneumatic pinch valve, and the pipeline does not need to be manually cleaned. Even if the rubber inner bushing is damaged, it can be replaced quickly.


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