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Advantages of Air Operated Pinch Valve
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Advantages of Air Operated Pinch Valve

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Air operated pinch valves are also known as pneumatic pinch valves and rubber sleeve valves. Because the valve core part uses a hose, its airtightness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance are far superior to metal valves. Therefore, it is widely used in smelting, mining, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, starch, paper, food, brewing, and other industries. Its excellent sealing performance and durability in harsh environments have unparalleled advantages, which is the trend of medium and low-pressure valves. However, due to the limitations of the hose, its high-pressure resistance is a weakness.


The main advantage of pneumatic pinch valve

1) Design science

Low flow resistance, no blockage, no gaps, and dead angles hinder the operation of the valve. When the medium has residual particles, the hose can wrap it in the middle, and the pinch valve can still achieve zero leakage closure.

2) The control is very convenient

You can operate according to your own specific requirements, and you can perform automatic control locally or remotely.

3) Strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Rubber is far more wear-resistant than steel, iron, and other various metal materials, and the adjustment of the formula can resist corrosion of various chemical solvents, so it is especially suitable for particle slurry and chemical media pipeline transportation control.

4) Excellent sealing

Rubber flanges are provided at both ends of the hose. When the valve is connected to the pipeline, no additional sealing gasket is needed. The valve channel and the control medium space are completely isolated, and there will never be internal and external leakage, thereby eliminating undesirable phenomena such as running, emitting, dripping, and leaking;

5) Good cold resistance

Since the fluid medium flows in the elastic hose, the effects of freezing and cracking of the shell caused by the crystallization of the fluid are eliminated.

6) Simple installation and operation

There is no directionality and no confusion during valve installation.

7) Long service life

The JIA NAI pneumatic pinch valve has high-quality rubber sleeves with reinforced cords, so it can withstand any high-frequency opening and closing operations.

8) Reasonable structure

If the rubber sleeve of the pinch valve is found to be damaged, its structure can realize the rapid replacement of the rubber sleeve, convenient maintenance, and easy operation.

9) Low maintenance cost

As long as the hose is replaced during maintenance, the valve body and other mechanisms can be used for a long time, which greatly saves the user's production cost. Moreover, the full diameter of the pipe clamp valve is unobstructed, non-scaling, and self-cleaning, so that the pipeline does not need to be manually cleaned, and the maintenance cost is low.

10) Wide range of uses

It can replace diaphragm valves (easy to foul and often block official roads), gate valves (not tightly closed, easy to leak), stop valves, regulating valves, and can withstand various medium-concentration acids and alkali salt solutions of any concentration. Air operated pinch valve can transport ore pulp, wet and dry powder, and medium with crystalline objects. Different media can be equipped with different rubber formula hoses to meet the production needs of different users.

Air operated pinch valves


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