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Vacuum Toilet Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Vacuum Toilet Pneumatic Pinch Valve

The vacuum toilet pneumatic pinch valve is suitable for connection to a vacuum sewer system and comprising a flow duct with a resilient wall which acts as a flow duct closing member. Outside the wall, with respect to the flow duct, there is a closed chamber connectable to suitable pressure sources in order to move the resilient wall by means of pressure between a flow duct closing and a flow duct opening position. In order to improve the closing movement of the valve, the resilient wall is provided with a stiffener at the outlet side of the flow duct.

Product Description

The vacuum toilet pneumatic pinch valve is used to connect gravity-based appliances to a vacuum sewage system. The system will accept waste from all other gravity fixtures, including hand basins, baths, urinals, sumps, and showers. It does this using vacuum interface valves. The vacuum toilet pneumatic pinch valve allows standard bathroom fittings to be connected to the vacuum drainage system in new-build projects while eliminating the need to replace existing fittings in refurbishment projects.

The air operated pinch valve can be installed in various positions in vacuum conveyance. At the very start of the pipeline system, they can control the emptying of different containers such as barrels, canisters, silo vehicles, or trailers. They can also be installed to control and shut off the flow of the materials within the pipelines under vacuum and fitted as extraction valves at the lower end of the separator container.


Drop chutes were used for the disposal of fecal matter from train toilets for decades, which meant that the waste was deposited directly onto the tracks during travel. Increasing environmental awareness and ever-faster trains – on which this type of disposal was no longer feasible for technical reasons – meant that self-contained systems are now used in modern train toilets to collect the fecal matter and grey water on the train. The black water from the toilet is removed using a vacuum system. JIANAI vacuum toilet pneumatic pinch valve control this process and are responsible for stopping and starting the suction.

To be able to use pinch valves in vacuum conveyance (from > -0.1 bar), they need to be fitted with a control unit that compensates for and thus counteracts the vacuum in the pipeline. This can also be achieved via a bypass that utilizes the unpolluted process vacuum from the vacuum pump and guides it via the bleed vent on the solenoid valve to the inside of the pinch valve. If vacuum compensation using a control unit or bypass is not used, the installed sleeve will contract – due to the negative pressure – and will thus no longer ensure a constriction-free flow. Besides, the service life of the sleeve will be significantly reduced due to the increased strain placed on the inside of the sleeve.

Air Operated Pinch Valve Applications

1. Fluids

Pinch valves used for fluids usually employ a device that directly contacts process tubing. Forcing the tubing together will create a seal that is equivalent to the tubing's permeability.

2. Solids

The most important benefits of using air operated Pinch Valves are their complete and true full bore, and the 100% tight shut off – even on solids such as granule, powders, pellets, chippings, fibers, slivers, any kind of slurries, and many more aggressive products.

Air Operated Pinch Valves are used in:

● Metering systems

● Weighing systems

● Powder coating systems

● Vacuum toilet systems

● Vacuum conveying systems

● Vacuum and compressed air control units






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