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Threaded Type Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Threaded Type Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Threaded type pneumatic pinch valve is a new valve product independently researched and developed by our company absorbing advanced foreign technology. This series of products has no sealing points and will not leak. It is resistant to particle abrasion and will not block when transporting liquids containing fibers. Its performance is comparable to imported products, and it has the advantages of a short supply period, reasonable price, and good service.

Product Description

The threaded pneumatic pinch valve includes a core component inner bushing, a valve body, and two casing covers. The valve body of the pinch valve is composed of the main body and two nip rings. The two rings are inserted into the ends and are sealed between the O-ring and the main body of the valve.

Threaded type pneumatic pinch valve features:

1. The same diameter of the pipe and valve: novel and simple structure, the inner diameter of the rubber sleeve is the same as that of the pipe, and the local resistance loss is small.

2. No leakage: There is no sealing point, the control medium space and the valve channel are completely isolated, and there is no internal and external leakage.

3. Impurity closing: Relying on the deformation of the rubber sleeve to realize the opening and closing, even if the fluid contains solid particles or fiber impurities, it will not be blocked, and it can be wrapped and closed completely and quickly.

4. Wide range of applications: simple structure, only three parts, can replace large and complex valves, especially suitable for occasions with requirements.

5. High efficiency and long life: The unique rubber sleeve with a reinforced cord can withstand high-frequency opening and closing operations, is resistant to acids, alkalis, and chemical media, and has a long service life.

6. Simple installation: The valve is installed without directionality, and the pipeline does not need to be cleaned. Once the rubber sleeve is damaged, the replacement is simple and quick.

7. Convenient control: local or remote automatic operation control can be realized according to needs.


● Use of threaded type pneumatic pinch valve

This product is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, glass, plastics, wastewater treatment, control, food and beverage, wine, and other industries.

It is suitable for fluids containing fiber, petroleum, mineral slurry, cement, powder, slurry, sewage sludge, etc. It can be completely cut off even if it is mixed with solid substances.

● Notes 

1. Impurities and moisture in compressed air affect the service life of the rubber sleeve. A filter should be installed in the air path to remove impurities and moisture.

2. When piping, fully remove impurities, cutting powder, etc. in the pipeline and joints.

3. When repairing the rubber sleeve, be sure to close the air supply valve in advance and exhaust the compressed air in the starting circuit before entering the repair work.

4. Avoid freezing of the air valve rubber sleeve. If it is used below 5°C, a dryer should be used to treat the dry air.



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