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Threaded Flexible Tube Valve
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Threaded Flexible Tube Valve

The threaded flexible tube valve includes a core component inner bushing, a valve body, and two casing covers. The valve body of the pinch valve is composed of the main body and two nip rings. The two rings are inserted into the ends and are sealed between the O-ring and the main body of the valve.

Product Description

Through the pressure difference of 2-3bar between the medium pressure/working pressure in the valve body of the pinch valve (depending on the quality of the elastomer), the threaded flexible tube valve is closed. When the pressure supply is interrupted and the pinch valve body is ventilated, the threaded flexible tube valve inner bushing is fully opened due to its great resilience.

The following plastic materials can be used:

White polyoxymethylene-plastic steel

Cold-resistant and weathered black polyoxymethylene-plastic steel

Conductive POM-plastic steel

Under normal circumstances, the threaded pneumatic pinch valve adopts an internal thread connection in accordance with DIN ISO 228 standard, or NPT connection. According to customer needs, threaded flexible tube valves can also be supplied with connections required by customers.

Industrial field, possible application fields:

  • agriculture

  • food industry

  • Paper industry

  • Textile industry

  • Wood industry

  • Tobacco industry

  • Recycling industry

  • Garbage disposal

  • Print

  • Chemical industry


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