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Stainless Steel Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Stainless Steel Pneumatic Pinch Valve

JIA NAI's stainless steel pneumatic pinch valve offers high flexibility, excellent performance, and compact design for a variety of biochemical, single-use, food & beverage, and industrial applications. The new air operated pinch valve VA series is designed for lower volume flow pneumatic applications; delivering compactness and affordability without compromising performance.

Product Description

Stainless steel pneumatic pinch valves offer enhanced performance and greater affordability across a broad range of market segments and applications, especially in areas such as industrial, food and beverage, chemical, bioprocessing, and medical, where washdowns for sterility are essential. The stainless steel air operated pinch valve is designed to serve a broad range of low volume flow pneumatic pinch valve applications that bring a new range of compactness and affordability – a cost-effective replacement for wetted valves.

Stainless steel pneumatic pinch valves drawing

drawing of Stainless steel pneumatic pinch valve

Stainless steel pneumatic pinch valves materials

● Housing: Stainless steel 1.4408, 

● Aluminum type: Aluminium powder coated

● POM type: POM sleeve: 1.4408 (POM type: POM),

● Sleeve: light natural rubber food-safe quality 

● Operating pressure: max. 6 bar 

● Control pressure: max. 2 bar higher than the medium's pressure 

● Temperature range: -10°C to the max. +80°C 

● Optional: 

Natural rubber sleeve, abrasion resistant (-10°C to max. +80°C) -AB, EPDM sleeve (-10°C to max. +120°C) -EP

Stainless steel pneumatic pinch valves advantages

● Normally open (N/O) and normally closed (N/C) options

● Simple and easy to install

● Pneumatic fittings valve

● Easy to clean hygienic design

● Elastomer pinch valve sleeve shut off

● Sealing cartridge can be replaced without specialist tools

● Multiple connector variants

● Stainless steel and aluminum housing

● End cap available for demanding applications

stainless steel pneumatic pinch valve


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