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Pneumatic Normally Closed Pinch Valve
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Pneumatic Normally Closed Pinch Valve

The VA series pneumatic normally closed pinch valve is an affordable and compact pneumatic pinch valve line and is an ideal fit for the life sciences market segments such as medical devices, biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals where higher quantities are necessary and the unit price is critical and without compromising quality and performance. Pneumatic normally closed pinch valve has a large range of body sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tubing sizes. Choose from four models that accommodate a wide array of tube sizes ranging from 0.094” to 0.500” OD.
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Product Description

Pneumatic normally closed pinch valve is designed for larger flow volume bioprocessing and industrial applications. These models output very strong linear forces needed to control fluid in tubing with an instant open or close in tube sizing ranging from 0.187″ – 1.60″ OD. Pneumatic normally closed pinch valve is ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing systems, single-use Disposable systems, food, and beverage manufacturing where cGMP standards are required. Moreover, panel or base mountable, units can also be configured with optional state sensors, controllers, or set up in normally-open or normally-closed default states. Built-in or available safety caps on larger models are also fitted to address potential finger crushing hazards.

Pneumatic normally closed pinch valve

What are the benefits of air-operated pinch valves?

● Product flows naturally with low resistance

The pipe and valve have the same diameter, the structure is novel and simple. And the inner diameter of the rubber sleeve is the same as the pipe, and the local resistance is small. Therefore, the frictional resistance of the air operated pinch valve is extremely small, which will not affect the flow of medium in the pipeline, and it will not cause a blockage. In the nominal diameter range of various air operated pinch valves, the pipeline medium can be almost unobstructed.

● Good tightness and 100% leak-free

Air operated pinch valve series products have no sealing points, the control medium space is completely isolated from the valve channel, and no internal or external leakage will occur. The flat oval housing design ensures that the sleeve of the air operated pinch valve has a specified lip-folding pattern. This special lip-folding method ensures complete sealing of the product flow. Relying on the deformation of the rubber sleeve to achieve opening and closing, even if the fluid contains solid particles or fiber impurities will not block the closure. All things can be completely and quickly wrapped and closed, so the fluid tightly sealed.

Pneumatic normally closed pinch valve working process

pneumatic pinch valve

air operated pinch valve

Why Use JIA NAI pneumatic normally closed pinch valve?

JIA NAI, pinch valve manufacturers in China, offers a full array of valves to control the flow of many applications in process systems; such as slurries, suspensions, powders, gases, granules, emulsions, liquids, or for anything in between or even beyond these categories. Many applications may have characteristics like abrasiveness, clog easily, extreme temperature variation, or stress-inducing process requirements which JIA NAI has designed valves specifically for.



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