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Plastic Pneumatic Stop Valve
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Plastic Pneumatic Stop Valve

The plastic pneumatic stop valve is rugged, superior valves for specialized on/off and diverter applications. Each of these designs have over 40 years of proven field service in the nastiest, most demanding applications.

Product Description

JIANAI is China famous pinch valve manufacturer. We have proven expertise and a first-class product portfolio. We offers plastic pneumatic stop valve, which is also called pneumatic fittings for it usually being used in pneumaticsystems. It is made from Acetal copolymer, with a stainless steel collect design that ensures high quality clamping withvarious types of tube such as nylon tubes, polyethylene tubes and polyurethane tubes. It can be easily connected or disconnected by one touch and is used for a wide variety of models to meet all demands. And its oval sleeve also makes itpossible to apply and remove the tube easily in confined space.

China plastic pneumatic stop valve


  • One million cycle design with bubble-tight shutoff.

  • No metals in contact with liquid process.

  • Patented Fail-Dry Safety Vent.

  • Non-sticking PTFE shaft on most models.

  • Rugged construction and exacting quality standards: 100% inspection and individual testing of every valve.

  • Operates pneumatically or hydraulically.


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