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Plastic Pneumatic Air Drum Valve
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Plastic Pneumatic Air Drum Valve

The plastic pneumatic air drum valve is a valve that controls the fluid flow through the deformation of a flexible component: the sleeve. Sleeve deformation can take place directly and pneumatically or by mechanical compression. The actuation of these valves, the pinching action, is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed on the sleeve. Modulating the air pressure within the annular space between the body and the sleeve can open, throttle, or close the valve. The valve body acts as a built-in actuator, eliminating costly pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators.

Product Description

Ningbo Jianai Pinch Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic pinch valves. The company is equipped with advanced imported equipment such as machining centers and CNC lathes to ensure the quality of the valves. The core component of the pinch valve, the inner bushing of the hose is independently developed and produced by the company, and has a separate hose production workshop; technically hired a hose polymer doctor for professional research and development; established a hose laboratory to improve the service life, elasticity and wear resistance of the hose, anti-aging test, and repeated test. Through 3 years of hard work and dedication, the pinch valves produced by the company have fully reached the imported quality, with a service life of more than 600,000 times and a service life of more than two years in a normal environment. It is widely used in various industries (train industry, environmental protection industry, cement industry, animal husbandry, filling industry, etc.), and exported to all parts of the world, and is deeply satisfied and trusted by customers!

Plastic pneumatic air drum valves are the fitting solution for the shut-off, regulation, and dosing of abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous products. They are ideally suited for use with these products due to their completely free product flow, whereby a practical blocking and dead space-free fitting results. The pneumatic pinch valves ensure an optimal shut-off, also when used with solids, such as granules, powders, pellets, chipping, sand, cement, gravel, textile fibers, carbon, fine glass fragments, and liquids that contain solids.

Use of plastic pneumatic air drum valve


This product is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, glass, plastics, wastewater treatment, control, food and beverage, wine, and other industries.


It is suitable for fluids containing fiber, petroleum, mineral slurry, cement, powder, slurry, sewage sludge, etc. It can be completely cut off even if it is mixed with solid substances.




1. Impurities and moisture in compressed air affect the service life of the rubber sleeve. A filter should be installed in the air path to remove impurities and moisture.

2. When piping, fully remove impurities, cutting powder, etc. in the pipeline and joints.

3. When repairing the rubber sleeve, be sure to close the air supply valve in advance and exhaust the compressed air in the starting circuit before entering the repair work.

4. Avoid freezing of the air valve rubber sleeve. If it is used below 5°C, a dryer should be used to treat the dry air.



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