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Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valve

The Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valve with a food safe natural rubber sleeve for shut-off control applications with abrasive, corrosive or fibrous media. The pneumatic pinch valve can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar (87 psi). The control pressure (air) is max 2 bar (29 psi) higher than the pressure of the medium. The food grade air operated pinch valves are designed for biopharmaceutical processing, food and beverage, and industrial applications where sterility and wash down procedures are needed.

Product Description

Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valves are air-piloted devices designed to open or close tubes for controlling flow of liquids and gases. Other valve types have internal passages that may cause small amounts of fluid to remain in the valve. The air operated pinch valve has no areas or dead volume where fluid can become trapped. Only the inside of the tubing has contact with the fluid.

The food grade air operated pinch valve features a simple, proven and cost-effective design. Virtually maintenance-free, the sleeve is the valve’s only wetted part, eliminating possible contamination of the process materials.

Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valve Actuator Specifications

Pressure Range: Max. Working pressure 10bar

Air pressure: 2.5bar~8bar 

Adjustment Range: 90° ± 5° 

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +90° C 

Type: Double acting, Single acting (spring return)

Optional accessories: Solenoid valve, limite switch, electric position, air regulator

Lubrication: All the moving parts are coated with lubricants, extending their service life 

Life Time: One million time 

Food Grade Pneumatic Pinch Valve Benefits

● Compact overall dimensions;

● Easy and quick sleeve and bush replacement;

● Full bore-through passage without any pressure loss;

● No product contact with the casing;

● Sleeves manufactured from fabric-reinforced material;

● Sleeve support bushes either made from aluminum alloy, hardened carbon steel, or 304 stainless steel;

● Apart from periodic replacement of the sleeve and the bushes, no maintenance required;

● Lightweight in comparison with other makes and other types of the valve;

● Particularly low air consumption;

● Food-grade contact parts.

food grade pneumatic pinch valve


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