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Flanged Pneumatic Pinch Valve
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Flanged Pneumatic Pinch Valve

A flattened and elliptical casing design of all flanged types ensures minimum compressed air consumption. This results in energy savings and ensures a specified, lipped fold pattern to the sleeve of the air operated Pinch Valve. This specific, lipped fold pattern ensures the complete sealing of the product flow. Even large solids are enclosed by the sleeve in the air operated Pinch Valves and are thus tightly sealed.

Product Description

The squeeze valve has been for being used in the Bulk Handling sector. The main characteristics of this valve are the free total passage of product and the absence of parts subject to wearing, which results in no need for maintenance. Air actuated pinch valves offer a cost-effective solution to flow control problems.

Two main types are available: the flanged version and the threaded one.

Both types can have different types of sleeves and different types of material in contact with the product, according to the users' needs. This valve turns out to be very cheap because it only needs an electro valve to be put into operation. The use of the pinch valve is especially recommended when handling abrasive powders or for discharging from filters or cyclones without changing the pressure inside. Another example of an application is to intercept the flow from a truck during the charging of a silo. This device, in fact, prevents accidents in the silo in case an overpressure should occur.

Main features of flanged pneumatic pinch valve

● Lightweight, compact, powerful, and cost-effective

● Pinch force range from 2 lbs to 12 lbs

● Support media pressures up to 30 PSIG

● Optional valve state detection sensors

● Support tubing durometer up to 65 Shore A

● Long performance and reliability

● Aluminum pinch head is standard, stainless steel is optional

Flanged pinch valve

Sectors of application: 

paper industry; milling, food, wine, marble industry; ceramics; chemistry; water treatment; painting plants, etc.


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