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China Clamping Stirrup Pinch Valve
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China Clamping Stirrup Pinch Valve

JIA NAI's Clamping Stirrup Air Operated Pinch Valves with a food-safe natural rubber sleeve for shut-off control applications with abrasive, corrosive, or fibrous media. A flexible elastomer sleeve is compressed by increasing the pressure in the pinch valve body. These create a lip-shaped closing pattern, powders or other medium is squeezed by the air pressure, can not move, or totally cut off to shut off. The continuous air pressure ensures the elastomer sleeve closes tightly.

Product Description

The aluminum alloy air operated pinch valve from the VA series are designed for shut-off control applications with abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous media. The series includes pinch valves with female threaded ports, sizes ranging from 3/8 to 4 inches. The maximum operating pressure is at 6 bar (87 psi) and the maximum control pressure is 2 bar (29 psi) higher than the media pressure. These China Clamping Stirrup Pinch Valves can be equipped with either natural rubber food-safe sleeve, natural rubber abrasion resistant sleeve, or EPDM sleeve. These valves ensure an optimal shut-off, even when used with solids, such as granules, powders, pellets, chipping, sand, cement, gravel, textile fibers, carbon, fine glass fragments, and slurries (liquids that contain solids).

The main part

Valve body, casing rubber, bonnet, etc.

Working principle

When the pneumatic system is closed, the space between the casing and the body is connected to the air, and the casing is under the pressure of the liquid, making it in an outward tension state. Because there is a reinforcing cloth inside the casing to maintain pressure balance, the length and diameter of the casing will not be changed by the liquid pressure. When the medium enters the space between the sleeve and the body, the sleeve will cut off the liquid under moderate pressure.

customized pinch valve

Main Features of China clamping stirrup pinch valve

● Series 273 Pinch Valve is designed for high-purity fluid control in biotech applications

● Hermetic separation of the control mechanism and the fluid within the tubing prevents contamination, assuring maximum purity of liquids

● RoHS compliant

● Innovative design allows for firm retention of the soft tubing

● Bi-directional flow for exceptional versatility

● Available in a large range of body sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tubing sizes

● Typical applications include: Tangential Flow Filtration, Chromatography Skids, and Single-Use Bioreactors

● Available in Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Installation and maintenance

A. We can install valves on any part of the pipeline without restricting the flow of the medium

B. The maintenance cost is very low, only need to replace the rubber of the casing according to the conditions of use.

Suitable medium

Slurry, ore slurry, abrasive, wet and dry dust, solid-liquid, granular fertilizer, etc. Especially for mineral plants, chemical plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.



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