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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Flexible Tube Valve
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Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Flexible Tube Valve

Jia Nai air-operated flexible tube valves are advantageous because of their air and vacuum-tight seal, even with product flows containing solids. Jia Nai squeeze valves are characterized in particular by an absolutely free flow of product, minimal air consumption as well as their extremely lightweight and compact design.

Product Description

Air-operated squeeze valves offer a cost-effective solution to flow control problems. The secret is in the rubber sleeve - the valve's only wetted part. The actuation of the valve is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed directly on the elastomer sleeve. The valve body acts as a built-in actuator, eliminating costly hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric operators. The sleeve's rugged flexibility allows the valve to close drop tight around entrapped solids. In general, 25 psi over line pressure is required for full closure of air actuated pinch valves. 

Squeeze valve feature

1. Simple and compact structure with lightweight, easy to assemble, and disassemble.

2. Low torque with 90°, easy to open and close with high speed.

3. Small flow resistance, flow curve goes in slope line, power saving.

4. Customized products according to specific materials requirements of the client, suitable for various gases and environment.

Aluminum alloy pneumatic flexible tube valve specification

pneumatic valve specification

Air operated pinch valve application:

Aluminum alloy pneumatic flexible tube valves are used for regulating and cutting off the medium flow in the pipeline. They are suitable for conveying pipelines of corrosive and non-corrosive fluid medium in furnace, coal gas, natural gas, LPG, city gas, hot&cold air, chemical smelting, and power generation environmental protection engineering systems



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