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Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Pinch Valve
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Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Pinch Valve

The Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Pinch Valves are designed to be used to intercept the material flow in pneumatic conveying systems, or other pipelines (dense, corrosive, or pasty mixture). The internal flexible sleeve is reshaped in such a way that the passage is hermetically sealed.

Product Description

The Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Pinch Valve is pneumatically operated through the air supply connection in the housing. This connection has a G 1/4 inch female thread. The pressurized air compresses the sleeve and provides a shut-off function of the valve. When closed, the sleeve forms a tight seal that will not allow the media leakage. 

This aluminum alloy pneumatic pinch valve is suitable for the operating temperature range from -10 to 80°C (14 to 176°F). This pneumatic pinch valve ensures an optimal shut-off, even when used with solids, such as granules, powders, pellets, chipping, sand, cement, gravel, textile fibers, carbon, fine glass fragments, and slurries (liquids that contain solids).

The aluminum pneumatic pinch valve with a food-safe natural rubber sleeve for shut-off control applications with abrasive, corrosive, or fibrous media. The valve can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar (87 psi). The control pressure (air) is maxed 2 bar (29 psi) higher than the pressure of the medium.

Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Pinch Valve Advantages

● Full bore-through passage: no-load loss

● Compact overall dimensions

● Easy and quick sleeve and bush replacement

● Full bore-through passage without any pressure loss

● No product contact with the body

● Valve body in aluminum alloy

● Sleeves in fabric-reinforced material

● Sleeve support bushes either in aluminum alloy, hardened carbon steel, or 304L/316L stainless steel

● Very low air consumption

Aluminum Pneumatic Pinch Valve Application

Pneumatic pinch valves are the fitting solution for the shut-off, regulation, and dosing of abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous products. They are ideally suited for use with these products due to their completely free product flow, whereby a practical blocking and dead space-free fitting results. The pneumatic pinch valves ensure an optimal shut-off, also when used with solids, such as granules, powders, pellets, chipping, sand, cement, gravel, textile fibers, carbon, fine glass fragments, and liquids that contain solids.



aluminum alloy pneumatic flexible tube valve



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