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Air-operated Flexible Tube Valve
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Air-operated Flexible Tube Valve

Pneumatic stop valves are ideally suited for use with slurries and granular products like sand, cement, gravel, textile fiber, carbon, powder, pellets, chipping, glass fragments, etc. These valves are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use, making them desirable in a wide range of industrial applications.

Product Description

An air-operated flexible tube valve is a 2/2-way valve designed to shut-off or control the flow of corrosive, abrasive, or granular media. It utilizes pressurized air to open or close the valve. In the open position, the valve has no restrictions and allows a wide range of media to pass through the bore. The flexible internal rubber sleeve in the valve keeps the media isolated preventing the risk of contamination. 

Pneumatic pinch valve features

● Small, compact design

● Normally-Open or Normally-Closed styles

● Hygienic and easy to clean (replace tubes)

● Can handle whole blood and particulate matter

● Unobstructed flow path

● Each valve comes with 12" of selected tubing

● Wide variety of easily replaceable tubing sizes and 

  materials available

● 100% tested

VF squeeze valve advantages

1. Robust and versatile actuators receptive to positioners of leading manufacturers.

2. Exterior, as well as interior corrosion resistant fusion, bonded epoxy powdercoating.

3. In-line and quick tube change with patented tube folds for durability & self-cleaning.

4. Standard face-to-face

JIA NAI has by far the most extensive range of squeeze valves in the world with approximately 10,000 possible pinch valve variants. A variety of these models are available from stock. JIA NAI is able to offer you the most efficient yet technically enhanced air-operated flexible tube valve solution specially tailored to your requirements and applications because of the flexible modular systems.


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